Every once in a while we get to know musicians, whose songs and productions have a certain magic about them that can´t be reproduced by anyone else. Benjamin and Marcel - the boys from Mahama - definitely belong to this small group of musicians. It must be because their catchy originals, remixes and bootlegs have the flair, the rhythm and the characteristic sound to make you feel like you were dancing on a white beach under palm trees and a cloudless sky. Its this magic that catapulted Mahama into the spotlight of the tropical music scene in the summer of 2015 and its this magic, that made some of the industries leading or still upcoming DJs play Mahamas tunes all around the world.

There is a lot to expect from Mahama in 2016, and we are absolutely certain, that they wont disappoint. Until then you can experience the magic from their songs and sets yourself by listening to their content on Soundcloud.